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    Using Adobe Stock without Illustrator


      I am currently developing scrumseeker.com, a website to promote my Agile Transformation Consulting and Training company.


      I subscribed to Adobe Stock because I had used the service in a previous assignment and thought it a good way to gather the visual elements required for my new site.


      Unfortunately I discovered that some of the images in AI/EPS can't be converted to PDF by simply changing the file extension as I have done in the past with other .ai files. This has put me in a position where the value of Adobe Stock as a service to my business is not as certain as I had thought.


      My question is, do any of you on the Forum know of a way to convert .ai files to .jpg or .png without needing to purchace Adobe Illustrator, (an option that is not viable for me at the moment as I am only just in the pre-launch phase of my new business)?


      Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions.