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    UGRENT: Video wall help!


      Hello internets,


      I am currently working on a project that requires me to create a video for a large video/tv wall.

      The video itself is straight forward, text and images, nothing effect heavy. 10 mins duration give or take.


      The full scale of the the wall is 13440 x 2160.

      Please see attached image for all equipment being used for this installation.

      This is being supplied and installed by another company and is all new to me.


      Does anyone know how best to approach creation of the compositions for this or even how best to output the video

      Currently I have rendered out a single video with the full resolution but still get some letterboxing on the full preview.


      The only codec that seems to let me render to this scale is Apple ProRes422, anyone have any other suggestions.

      The downside of this is the final output file is huge, 55+ gb which is ridiculous.


      The video is done and good to go just need to get the output sorted. Any help much appreciated.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't see any playback device(s) in your listing, so it's completely unclear what the actual requirements are. Talk to whoever is handling the technical side. Typically all such stuff is designed at standard resolutions or even multiples of them, then fed into the actual player which uses its internal CoDecs and hardware to generate the actual separate video streams. Large screens require multiple such players that are synced via the controller hardware and software.