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    Drag&drop error in flash but not in air

    Ibarim Level 1


      I've got a problem with drag&drop implementation in Flash app, but the same code works all right in AIR app. Problem occurs when I hit mouse button on the object to drag it.

      Code starts like this:

      c = getDefinitionByName(sNameSingle) as Class;

      var objSingle:* = new c;

      var ds:DragSource = new DragSource;



      DragManager.doDrag(objSingle as IUIComponent,ds,e, objSingle);


      Then it goes to DragManager.as to line 302:

      impl.doDrag(dragInitiator, dragSource, mouseEvent, dragImage, xOffset,

                      yOffset, imageAlpha, allowMove);


      Then in flash (not in air) it goes to DragManagerImpl.as to line 268:

      dragProxy = new DragProxy(dragInitiator, dragSource);


      And then it DragProxy.as it finds error in line 82:

      var sm:ISystemManager = dragInitiator.systemManager.topLevelSystemManager as ISystemManager;

      The "dragInitiator.systemManager" is null. My AIR app with the same code don't even reach this line so it doesn't show the error,but works good when I run it.


      I don't know where to start fixing this. Help anyone?