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    DIY 6700k or Precision E5 E5-2623 v3?


      Thanks to some black Friday deals, I have a choice to make between building a Skylake 6700k system or buying a refurb Dell Precision 7810 tower with a Xeon E5-2623 v3. Both will end up costing in the $2100-$2300 range. I am planning to outfit both with an Intel 750 series PCI SSD (or I may downgrade that to a normal SSD, we'll see) and a lower priced SSD, plus a storage HDD or two (3-4 drives total plus archive to NAS). I would add a GeForce GTX 960 4 GB card and something like 32-64 GB RAM to both as well. I am a hobbyist, Premiere CS6 tends to be what stresses my current system the most (a Precision 5400 with a Xeon (X5450 @ 3 GHz) but I also work in lightroom, photoshop, after effects and some music/audio work). I shoot/edit in AVCHD and have no immediate plans for 4k. I would move from CS6 to CC if performance changes justify it-- I am not currently feeling the need to do so based on features as I don't do a ton of effects or multicam work. I mostly desire responsiveness while editing-- I render to final output only infrequently so not a huge deal.


      I would like to hear people's opinions on the pros and cons of either going with Skylake or the Xeon system. I am guessing that on a standalone basis the Skylake is the better choice, but I think the Precision may be more expandable (I can add a second Xeon and more memory when prices are lower and apps start using more cores better), and all things being equal more stable with ECC RAM and the precision testing (though I recognize I am adding a bunch of non-specified parts so it will be less than bulletproof). Oh I could chose an E5-2620 (6 core but slower GHz) instead. Any experiences with both would be welcome. I had assumed when I started planning that the Xeon would lose out on a bang for the buck basis, but it just so happens they have a relatively close price.


      Thanks for reading and for your opinions.

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          skylake will be faster, especially when overclocked. the dell does have a small advantage with adding a second cpu, but dual xeon loses alot of performance in overhead. adobe's software has lots of problems with multi-threading, so a dual xeon would take another performance hit there, mostly in photoshop and lightroom. i would recommend looking at a haswell-e x99 build, like the i7-5820k, to fit in your budget. when overclocked it will be somewhat close to the dual xeon performance. skylake and haswell-e support faster ddr4 2133mhz memory than the xeon, and most of their motherboards support non-spec/overclocked memory like 2400mhz and faster. most z170 and x99 motherboards also have an ultra/x4 m.2 slot, so you can use a samsung 950 pro instead of intel 750. xeon's ecc memory usually runs more expensive, so the other i7 builds may help save money there.


          there are lots of x99 build threads here if you want to look thru for build ideas too.

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            Thanks those are helpful thoughts and helped me shy away from the Xeons. I do think I can do a DIY build with a z170-- most of the motherboards I am looking at have two m.2 slots and one has 3, although it seems that the bandwidth may be shared, I am still reading about that. I am seeing the Intel 750 as lower cost right now than the Samsung 950 pros (.70/GB vs. .68/GB), Would there be a reason besides cost to go with the m2 slot over the PCI interface of the Intel 750?

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              samsung has slightly better stats on their ssd's, but the intel 750 is still good if you want to go that direction.

              Intel SSD 750 PCIe SSD Review: NVMe for the Client

              The Samsung 950 Pro PCIe SSD Review (256GB and 512GB)


              i really like the idea of the intel 750 with it using a pcie slot and having a big heatsink, and i think that's where desktop computer storage will go. but samsung only offers prosumer/consumer versions of these ssd's as m.2.


              the skylake cpu prices have been rising and getting overpriced. if you don't want to do a $2k i7-5820k build, you may want to look at an i7-4790k build as they have been going on sale.