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    Adobe Lightroom and photoshop fix on iPad pro


      I am using an iPad pro as I travel a lot. One of the things I was looking forward to the photoshop fix and Lightroom softwares.


      The the problem is that neither app can load pictures. They will load a very small selection. I have photos from a Sony A7R2 and a canon 5D. 3 photos from the Sony will load and no others. nothing from the canon. It seems odd because of the 3 that will load there are probably 20 pictures so it can't be the file format as nothing change while they were being taken. They will not even load all or any of the iPhone camera photos.


      Some help on this would be great as I want to be able to work on my photos when I take them.


      I should also add that I am not having the same issue with the iPhone 6+.