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    Files damaged when imported from Aperture. An Adobe tool or function seems "corrupted" !

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      I use to work with Apple soft Aperture for my photos Library. As ou may know, Apple stopped support and update of Aperture. Bad new.


      So, I've decided to try Lightroom.

      A tool or a function  in Lightroom is specifically dedicated to import Masters from may Aperture Library.


      BUT It doesn't work fine !


      Some 2348 Masters (JPEG files) are classified in a folder named "Notimported". And best, they are damaged !!! But the genuine Aperture files are OK, for sur :

      I thought that Aperture Genuine Master files were really damaged, but a tool scans them they are really OK ?


      What can I do ? Which help Adobe can provides me to get in the Lightroom "Master library" (in fact folders) these 2348 files ?


      And I start to believe that this Adobe Lightroom specific function or tool is "corrupted". And I need to work with these 2348 files. Quite a lot !


      So Adobe please help me !


      Best regards,