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    How to change Flash brush size smaller?

    ArksLS Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I'm a bit new to the Adobe world. *Waves*


      I've been working in Flash at school, on a slightly older version. When I purchased the newer version (Flash Professional CC 2015) on my home computer, the layout appears slightly differently.


      Getting down to it, I cannot change the brush size smaller, and it's on the lowest level. (which in my opinion is a bit huge) I've looked around the internet trying to find how to change the brush size smaller and they all say the same thing: Go to the bottom of the toolbar, where you can change brush size.

      Um... That's... really helpful, but...Not...


      Before the brush size would change when you zoomed in or out, but now it seems to not be the case...


      Can anyone help me? Does anyone else have this problem? I really need to get in some tiny work here...


      Thanks in advance.