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    I give up..... FDS 2.0.1 installer/patch file.

      Arg, i can't get hold of our Corporate Account holder right now, and i need to get a specific patch of FDS.

      I've called in through the standard technical support line at 1800-642-3623, but they told me that the download was no longer available, and that i should upgrade to Flex 3? Are they serious? i gave them a corporate Flex Builder 2 License Key! Yeah, when someone approves a few million dollars to upgrade all of our applications to Flex 3, we might consider it.

      Oh, the frustration.

      Please can someone tell me where i can find the Flex FDS 2.0.1 install/zip file. I already have the FDS 2.0 installer, and i have the Flex Builder 2.0.1 installer too, but i believe there is a 2.0.1 FDS patch/zip file that i am missing.

      The documentation here references it, but the FDS 2.0.1 installer is not available.


      I tried FTP'ing to the macromedia FTP server looking for older versions, but i could not login, and the adobe FTP server does not have it.

      If anyone has a link to archived version of the software, please post.

      Note, that i do not want the HotFix 1 or 3 packs, i just need the 2.0.1 without hotfixes,

      Please help before i go insane.