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    Extension Manager Worthless!


      I have Adobe Design and Web Premium CS6 and now windows 10. For 3 days I have been trying to open Adobe Extension Manager. It freezes after about 70% load. I googled to find a fix and nothing works!


      I then tied to load my Dreamweaver CC and Extension Manager CC and tried loading the CC version of the extension and that gives me an error that i need to have CS6 or higher to install the extension. I have the latest CS6 and CC 2015! I am NOW 3 DAYS BEHIND in my work. Thank You Adobe! Why do we need Extension Manager??? I see MANY post in regards to people having issues with Extension manager! Why can't we just load an extension directly from the program? Adobe obviously is incapable of creating a bug free application that is crucial to developers!!!!


      HOW DO I GET THIS FIXED ASAP? And Please do not give me some convoluted process that will take days to implement. I am using Adobe products to make my job easier with the hope of not having to go through the windows command prompt to install and uninstall extensions.


      NOTE: I also did the suggested updates and patch fixes