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    getting nearID

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      I am trying to build up a simple chat rooms application. in this application I will have one swf which will done the connect and chat part. what if the user opens up a new page and calls my swf from server again and hit to connect again. the last nearID will be lost and the other chat window wont work.

      I have tried to store nearID into local shared object and if its set already show the swf as connected to server and register the identity to webservice just like in the stratus videophone example. but here is the problem all netstream objects explode because actually I did not connect to netconnection anywhere. if I make it connect to stratus then nearID will be lost.

      how can I solve this ?
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          The SWF that creates the NetConnection to Stratus must have already created that NetConnection and be the same SWF as the one that registers the nearID with your web service. Each new NetConnection, whether it is in the same Flash Player instance or a different Flash Player will have a new nearID, and those IDs are never reused.
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            so there is no way to use nearID for more then one player? well in chat case it is ok but what if I am building up a something different like a multi player game. like chess. one person would like to have the ability to play with 3 or more person at the same time.

            I am asking is there a way to build up a solution to pass the stratus connection at the beginning if I have already one?