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    Lightoom won't start. CC acting weird. Details below


      I swear I looked first, but I can't find the answer and I'm not even sure what the problem is to fix it.  The usual troubleshooting stuff isn't working.  Probably too much information, but I want to be thorough...



      The big problem: I can't start Lightroom.   I get a window that says "lightroom.exe - Bad Image   C:\program files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom\libcef.dll is either not designed to run or Windows or it contatains an error."



      Last week I did a clean wipe of my computer and reinstalled Windows 7 Ulitimate using a legit MS disc and key.  After installing CC, LR and PS they all worked, and I added some LR presets.



      Creative Cloud is updated to   In CC, clicking on the Apps tab gives me a perpetual "wait" icon, the spinning circle.  I tried to sign out under Preferences->General, I click on the blue "sign out" box, get the confirmation pop up, click "sign out" again...but it doesn't sign out.  I can click on the sign out button and do it again and again, without ever actually signing out and seeing the "sign in" button.



      My CC activity stream shows that it automatically updated CC today.  It also says that "you installed the add-on Teekesselchen", though I did not.  Next, it says two days ago it says "The add-on Creative Cloud Libraries installation failed because it is incompatible with installed Adobe applications.  Refere to the Compatability section by clicking here.  Next, it notes that I installed Lightroom CC and Photoshop 5 days ago.


      Any ideas?