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    lightroom cc, 4k or 1440p monitor?


      Thinking about upgrading my 1080p monitor, I am debating with 4k and 1440 IPS panel, even a 21:9 (3440X1440)

      my system

      OP: Win 7

      hardware: i7 2600K+ 16G RAM+ AMD HD7790 1G+ 250 SSD drive

      will upgrade video card to GTX960 4G or GTX970 4G

      if go with 1440, i will select dell U2715H, but have no idea about 4k panel. my budget is around USD 500.

      If should go with 4K and the price is far more than my budget, I can wait for one more year, just want to know how the performance of the lightroom would be.


      I am appreciate your advice