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    How to sync LR CC between Desktop and Mobile Device - Win 10

    altaya58447445 Level 1

      I have searched everywhere and cannot seem to find an answer.


      Basically I have Windows 10 and a trial version of LR CC on the desktop AND on my Surface Pro 4 (again Win 10). My Desktop is set as 'Lightroom' (right click on the Name Plate) and is also enabled to 'Sync with Lightroom Mobile' (again under Name Plate). I have selected a Collection to Sync and by all indications the Sync to the Web has worked (I can log into the Web LR site and see the synced photos).


      When I then log into LR CC on my Surface tablet, I set this as 'Lightroom Mobile' (again right click the Name Plate). I have also enabled 'Sync with Lightroom Mobile' on the Surface. However, the 'All Synced Photographs' does not appear under the Catalog banner and LR does not pick up that there's synced photos connected to this user account (same user account on both machines).


      Is this a limitation of the trial version or am I missing something very basic? HOw do I get the Surface mobile device to pick up that there's synced photos ??


      PS: I also have Lightroom 5.7 installed on my Desktop with a full purchased license. The catalog from LR 5.7 was automatically imported to LR CC when I set it up.