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    Lightroom 4Working with ICC Profiles & Soft Proofing


      My question is about the overall process of working with profiles and soft copies with the goal of getting the print lab prints to match what is on my screen as close as possible.  I have calibrated my monitor and set up a few ICC profiles from a print lab that I use, which are now visible in Lightroom 4 when I check the Soft Proofing box.  I am just learning how to do this and my process is as follows:  I import my RAW files into Lightroom and select the develop tab.  Next, I check the Soft Proofing box and select the profile for the printer/paper at the lab I will upload this to.  I then create a Proof Copy and edit that.  I export to a folder on my computer (because I will later upload to the print lab's website) as a JPEG and using the print labs profile as the color space.


      I would like to know if this process is correct.  I'm a little unsure about the export selections and using the profiles in general.  I would appreciate any help provided.