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    Why Does Adobe Air...?

      Is it safe to install Adobe Air? When I try to install programs that use it it says that it gives away access to my system? How can I prevent unauthorized access?


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          anything you install on your computer gives away the same kind of access that installing an air program does. Is it safe: the question really is -- how much do you trust your source?

          For instance, if I'm going to download a program from the net and install it, I'm only going to download from someone I know like Adobe (no brainer there lol) or a site like CNET's Download.com (which tests the programs from adware/malware) and provides a certain level of comfort for me.

          In short, if the program comes from a major company and is signed with a verified key, then it's definitely safe to install. If the program comes from Joe Schmoe and Joe made his own certificate and signed his program with that, then you would probably want to see what other people are saying about that program before installing it.