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    Difficulties with Duik: Unable to achieve smooth move & Joints moves off their propper position

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there,


      I am animating simple character in Ae using Duik (up-to-date version) script. I work with imported Ai-layers. Each part of the body is constructed as Ai-layer, as shown in images below:


      2015-11-28_142543_.png 2015-11-28_142454.png


      The workflow I am using to build the character is this: Put the anchor points to the propper joints position > create Controller > IK > turn all layers to 3D.


      There are two issues I am unable to solve completely :

      1. The joints, despite I positioned them precisely moved somehow from they default positions (see the back knee & elbow on the images abowe). I disabled Stretch & Shrink in Effects palette for each controller, but it did not help.
      2. The second problem is with animating. The knee and elbows moves smoothly until they get close to full opening (near 180°). The knee opens, opens, opens (0°-175°), and then it jumps quickly to full 180°. See the video here (the problem of the knee occurs around 7:00 in the recorded Ae-timeline):

      I extracted just the character to the separate Ae-project, packaged all the linked Ai body parts and zipped everithing to be downloaded here [1 MB]:


      So I would ask you, masters, for help with:

      1. Lock joints, so they cannot slide off the axis
      2. Force joints to operate smoothly, no matter how much open they are.


      Thank you in advance