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    Lightroom very slow in library mode

    estellew71076121 Level 1

      Dear all.

      I bought lightroom 6 three month ago (I worked without problems with lightroom 3.6 before).

      I a have a big problem with Lightroom 6 in libray mode : it can take almost 30 seconds between selection of a little lot of photos (<10)  and attribution of a key word !

      Development mode is working normaly !


      I have the following system (PC bought 1,5 year ago):

      Windows 8.1, 64 bits

      processor AMD A4, 5000APU, 1,4GHz

      passing from 6Go RAM to 16 Go RAM didn't change anything

      NVIDIA Ge Force GT620 with today uploaded driver


      I performed all suggestions that where comprehensively described on forums :

      lightroom run in 64 bit mode

      300 Go free on hard drive

      standard size preview at the size of the screen

      catalogue and preview cahce in the same folder

      catalogue optimized at each closure

      camera raw cache 50 Go

      running with last update of lightroom

      defragmented disk (once a week)


      But this did'nt change anything,


      Does someone have an idea, because I begin to be hopeless


      Thank you very much in advance for your responses