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    Having already licensed and uninstalled LR6 Where can I download it again without paying a second time????


      Within the CC application manager, running on OS 10.11.1, I only have a link to "Try" Lightroom CC.


      Per the instructions on this forum regarding "error occurred when attempting to switch modules" which began immediately after updating LR 6.2 to LR 6.3 this morning, I removed  the 6.plist, which didn't work, and then uninstalled LR 6.3 via the CC application manager, and now can't even find a link to download 6 again without paying for it again????


      I clicked on "Try" lightroom CC, downloaded that, and then attempted to register it with the LR6 serial number I received when I purchased LR6. It is 4 numerals short, so clearly that serial code will not work on LR CC. So now I'm looking at uninstalling LR CC, and wondering when I can possibly start using LR 6 again without the module error every time I open it.


      Furthermore, how has this error existed for some customers since LIGHTROOM THREE?!?!?! I've been using LR since the 3rd iteration and only this morning (6.3) have I had this problem.


      Note: Searching "Lightroom 6" in the CC application manager under "Apps" tab turns up zero results on adobe's website. lol