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    LR Mobile claiming expired.


      My lightroom mobile is claiming that my trial has expired - but I don't have a trial version, I have a CC Photography subscription that is currently licensed.  This shows up under desktop app and on the mobile app. 


      I've logged out and back in with no change, from both desktop and mobile apps (other than the desktop again displaying a dialog that my trial has expired with 0 days left).


      Mobile says


      Syncing is disabled

      Your 30-day Trial has expired.  Continue your access to Lightroom across deviced, Photoshop, and more, with a Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription.


      Desktop has:


      Lightroom mobile trial has expired


      in yellow letters on the top left.


      I've verified that my account is up-to-date with a 1 year pre-paid plan for Creative Cloud Photography plan.


      Is there some trick to getting this fixed?  I don't have the time to spend on the phone for this during the day, so hopefully there's something I can do on my side.