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    how do I get the previous lightroom catalog to stop attaching itself to my new account?


      I thought the purpose of this cloud is so that I can have my lightroom communicate on all of my devices. I installed the new adobe cloud lightroom on a brand new computer and have been creating collections and such on there. It is a free trial version. I then put the new lightroom on my laptop that has an older version lightroom. Even though I am signing in with the same log in information that I created with adobe lightroom free trial  on the other computer, is not syncing my catalog. It is "grabbing" my old catalog, and when I sync, it only syncs this old catalog on all my devices. Please help. I need my new catalog to sync on this laptop and across all of my devices. I don't understand why my user name and password wouldn't bring up my newer catalog when that is what I originally started with?