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    I have to restart LR  thousand times.


      Hi there,


      if have immense, frustrating LR issues.

      My Imac renders 3D files without any problems but using Lightroom bring my Mac down to the knees.

      I have so much issues, I don´t know where to start. Here just some few examples:

      1. Developer Tool doesn´t show the changes. Only in the Preview Window.

      2. Syncing of a folder with one changed pictures doesn´t work or take 1 hour.

      3. Picture are sometime squeezed and unsharp

      4. Sorting of pictures doesn´t work at all

      5. Lightroom crashes several times


      Will be there a fix soon which make it possible to work with the Software how it professional software should do?

      Are there any hints which can help? (I don´t think that a SSD is the Solution!)


      I restart LR 300 times a day to work with it, I don´t think that this is part of the workflow, isn´t it?


      Sorry it´s really frustrating to need 5 times more to finish customer projects.


      Thanks for any help.