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    Sony a7r2 Lightroom 6 shrinking pixel size of files on import?

    franbro Level 1

      Help, guys. Lightroom 6 seems to be shrinking the size of my (from raw) rendered a7rii files. If i process them using Sony's raw Image Data Converter, the resulting size is 7,952 by 5,304, (uncropped). If I import the raw files directly into Lightroom then render with no cropping the resulting file is 5,168 by 3,448 be it tif or jpeg. I have made sure that I don't have any "resizing" option checked. So basically it goes from a 42 mp to about 18mp. I assume maybe it's something during import? Because if I render the Sony raw converted files they say at the original 42mp. value. Thanks if anyone can help!