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    Importing from iPhoto


      i am trying to import 996 photos from iPhoto to Lightroom, but Lightroom is only importing 443 photos and not all 996, how do I fix this to import all 996?

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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Brandonv,


          May I know how are you moving your images from iPhoto to Lightroom?




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            brandonv85 Level 1

            i was dragging them from iPhoto straight to Lightroom, I selected all photos and dragged the over. But the what I did was dragged the whole file directly from thumb drive and that uploaded all the photos into Lightroom. Not sure why iPhoto wouldn't, but the thumb drive worked.

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              sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

              You can not directly import images in Lightroom from iPhoto.


              Please follow the steps mentioned in the below article according to your Lightroom version.


              Help | Import photos from iPhoto and Aperture (Mac OS)


              Let us know if it helps.


              ~ Sarika

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                brandonv85 Level 1

                That should work, thanks.

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                  sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  You are welcome

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                    brandonv85 Level 1

                    Thanks for the quick response.

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                      I am using iPhoto v 9.6.1 an importing into LR 7.2 on a mac running IOS 10.13.3  I have about 10-12T of photos stored over the years and just am getting into LR. I have iPhoto yearly shoots of 6K to 12K of photos - Is this what will happen to do importing of RAW into LR?


                      I import through the file menu of LR to import iPhoto data - that all works great, but then the import stops after 2022 to 2025 photos have been imported. I come back to my Mac mini after doing other projects and I have to use option command escape to shut down LR. Then I restart LR and go through the same import procedures. After 2000 or so photos imported, LR stops again.  This sucks.


                      I did beta on Illustrator many years ago and am in the PDX area - worked with the old Byte Shop stores, then Pac-Tell bought us and needed up with ComputerLand and Alpha Computers - set-up Fred Meyer with macs and then assisted The Oregonian and Willamette Week to be able to handle the graphics. Did similar work with Boeing in Everett, WA - so am quite skilled - though older now. What is happening?


                      Mac mini is a 2.6GHz with 16G ram - with 2 (1T internal drives) - did have a 2.7 but it died. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or there is a buffer - sort of like when Mac first arrived on the scene and appletalk networks were limited to 256 nodes - anything more and those nodes would appear and then disappear (when laserwriters first came about). Was fun, then, but now am a semipro photographer in my retirement!


                      Need some Help, please.




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