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    Disable Yes button in Alert


      I would like to disable Yes button inside an Alert box. Is this possible?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          See the FB3 help sys on "Alert". You can specify args for what buttons appear when the show() method is called:

          public static function show(text:String = "", title:String = "", flags:uint = 0x4, parent:Sprite = null, closeHandler:Function = null, iconClass:Class = null, defaultButtonFlag:uint = 0x4):Alert


          text:String (default = "") — Text string that appears in the Alert control. This text is centered in the alert dialog box.

          title:String (default = "") — Text string that appears in the title bar. This text is left justified.

          flags:uint (default = 0x4) — Which buttons to place in the Alert control. Valid values are Alert.OK, Alert.CANCEL, Alert.YES, and Alert.NO. The default value is Alert.OK. Use the bitwise OR operator to display more than one button. For example, passing (Alert.YES | Alert.NO) displays Yes and No buttons. Regardless of the order that you specify buttons, they always appear in the following order from left to right: OK, Yes, No, Cancel.