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    Script to automatically apply keyword tags to photos in based on folder name?




      I'm trying to find out if there's a script or workable solution where I can automatically apply tags to photos based on the name of the folder/directory it's in.


      So for example (image below);


      1. I want '01' to be applied as a tag to all photos in the folders beneath it (TEST1, TEST 2 etc)
      2. Add the tag in a specific way/ word layout - prefix:01 (prefix is a stand-in for a modifiable word, used to identify the file in another program as per below*)
      3. TEST1 will then tag any photos in that folder only as prefix:test1 and so on


      The folder structure doesn't change, so I assume there's a way to draw specific tags from a list and apply them based on a set of pre-defined folder names?



      *Basically I'm tagging keywords on different types of photos that then help another program automatically identify and sort them based on the tags in the XMP file, so having most of them being done automatically would be very helpful. 


      It would be really great if someone could give me some pointers or advice on this. Thanks!