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    Referencing Components in Esria Dashboard Example

    ScepterSW Level 1
      The "pod" custom component containers in the Esria Dashboard example would be an interesting way of handling some extensive data gathering activities in an application I'm working on. I would like to have each pod represent one of five steps involved in the data gathering process. As the user progresses through each step, the inputs supplied in a prior step influence what is displayed in subsequent steps. (Ultimately the data will be used to calculate outputs that will be displayed on another view tab.) My immediate problem is figuring out how to bind or pass data between pods.

      As a simple example, suppose in the first pod the user selects an item from a combo box. The second pod will display a set of values that depends on the item that was chosen in the first pod. Is there someone out there who is familiar with the structure of the Esria Dashboard example that can suggest how the second pod can reference the selected item from the combo box in the first pod?

      Confessions of a newbie, it's my first Flex project and I'm hoping I haven't bit off more than I can chew!