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    Light room flickering




      I just upgraded to Lightroom 6 from 5.  When I use lightroom now it will works just fine for a few minutes.  Then the program will flicker (it looks like it is opening and closing the program along the taskbar) and crash temporarily.  When I open task manager to close it, it starts working again.


      System info:


      Windows 10 Home; 10.0.10240 Build 10240

      HP Envy dv6 64 bit

      Intel Core I&-3632 @ 2.20 Ghz

      RAM 8 Gb

      Intel HD graphic 4000


      I have tried updating my graphics card software, removing graphics card processor acceleration, using a new catalog with only one picture in it, reinstalling the software, freeing up more disk space (400Gb free now), increasing virtual memory and clean booting my computer.  I am still having problems.


      Any recommendations on what to do next?