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    How to do multi-cam in PrE,


      I am trying to edit 2 videos from different angles into one video using Premiew Elements 13. I was following the advice from previous posts


      snd https://forums.adobe.com/message/4679265#4679265

      which seem to be from Premier Elements 9



      I was having trouble with the section that said:

      then adjust its Opacity (the Fixed Effect>Opacity), down, so that they can see the footage from the main camera, but still see some of the second camera.



      How do I adjust the Opacity in Premier Elements 13?




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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          In all honesty, Premiere Elements doesn't do multi-cam editing well. It's always kind of messy. 


          Most professional editors (like Premiere Pro) do multicam and they do it in a way that is much more intuitive. About the only under $100 program I'm aware of that does good multicam editing is CyberLink PowerDirector.


          That said, you can try to edit between two camera shots using the lowered Opacity method. It's messy, but it's about the only way to do it in Premiere Elements.


          To lower a clip's Opacity, drag down the yellow, horizontal "rubber band" line that runs through the video clip on your timeline.