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    URLLoader , Read data

      I am using "URLLoader" with "URLRequest" in order to get some binary data from server. The data I am getting as object, the problem is when i send the data to the server again ( without any processing) it unable to send the whole data, I am using "httpfox" sniffer to find out the data. When data is coming I can see all data. But when it is getting returned to the server it only can read till null char. As I suppose it is sending it as string. I also tried to wrap the data in ByteArray and then send, but it change the actual data and server unable to understand the return data. How I have understood that the real data is changed is - when the data come the "Content-Length" is 49078 after wrapping in ByteArray the "Content-Length" becomes 78065.

      For pointer code is attached -
      Any pointer will be very helpfull