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    Please explain the sheer amount of bloat that comes with CC in general - 28 Adobe apps installed on my machine in order to use Photoshop and Bridge only.

    grauenwölfe Level 2

      First of all, I need some techincal or practical insight into why there are two separate file named "com.Adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0.plist". I am not challenging anything, only curious. It appears one is marked as "startup" and the other as "scheduler". If I delete at least the "scheduler" file will creative Cloud freak out and start having all kinds of issues, as it's very prone to do? Why do I want to delete it? It has to do with the second part of this post.

      They can be found in these locations:

      • Library / LaunchAgents

      • Users / Account / Library / LaunchAgents





      Second concern. I have installed only Photoshop CC 2014, Bridge CC, and the mandatory CC Desktop. That's it. Add them up and you'll get a total of three.

      So, can you please explain why I now have 25 other Adobe apps on my computer? That's a total of 28 Adobe applications installed in order to use 2, Bridge and Photoshop.


      Flash Player was not included in this tally.


      This may be something Adobe wants to work on in the future. It's irritating, it's ridiculously sloppy and downright paranoid (I am only assuming at least three-quarters of these are for ownership verification).


      Thank you for any info you can or will provide.