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    Help with My SSD Setup/Scratch Disk/Previews/Cache


      I have read the Generic setup thread. I had another post in regular forums regarding purchase of SSD's.

      I am still having some questions, and it relates to hardware, so I put it here.

      My setup/build pcpartspicker:Intel Core i7-4790K, MSI GeForce GTX 970, NZXT Phantom 530 (Red) - System Build - PCPartPicker

      Recently upgrading my SSD setup. So I have yet to Archive my projects that I am working on and put the media files and everything

      to the new SSD.


      My thought on hard disk setup.

      (C:)Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD (OS and Programs)

      (E:)WD Black 1 TB for Storage

      (F:)Sandisk Ultra II 480GB SSD for Media Files Project Folder

      (G:)Sandisk Ultra II 480GB SSD for Cache Previews

      Here is an image showing the drives:

      New Drives.jpg


      First a little about my workflow.

      I do my color correction and most effects in Premiere.
      I work mainly in Premiere with dynamic link to After Effects CC 2015,(mix audio in Audition with video export not dynamic link).

      Only time I work in After Effects alone is for certain 3D intensive editing, intros, outros.

      When in Premiere Pro..I do dynamic link to After Effects to Replace with After Effects Composition, and Render in Place(can always revert to do changes later).

      I do all my titles in After Effects with dynamic link as well. Again, Render and Replace as always.

      If it is something intensive, I work in After Effects alone, and import that into Premiere separately.


      My projects are not huge. Never really more than 50GB. Usually short videos up to 10 minutes.


      Now, I have read in the manual about some of what I am about to ask, but some is still not clear.

      Here are some snapshots:

      First my Global memory setup(upgrading to 32GB RAM soon)

      Global Memory.jpg

      Premiere Screenshots and Questions: Please refer to the start of this thread and Drive layout.

      This is where I have my Media Cache and Database: G:\ which is a Sandisk Ultra II SSD 480GB
      Premiere Cache.jpg


      Now, my question is about the Captured Video and Captured Audio. I kind of get what it is...

      but is it also referring to all of my media files? Where my media files and project files are?

      Remember, I have not archived my projects I am working on and moved them to the new SSD.
      My project files and Media are going to go on F: drive, which is a Sandisk Ultra II 480GB SSD.

      Future projects will make their way there.
      As you can see I have set my Video Previews and Audio Previews to G: drive which is the other

      Sandisk Ultra II 480GB SSD.

      Project Auto Save, I am guessing would be fine in the future in Same as Project.

      Scratch Disk.jpg

      Now After Effects: What drive should I set my Disc Cache too given my setup?

      After Effects.jpg

      Final part of this equation is Final Project Exports: When I export final, I manually select where I want it. Which

      drive would give me the fastest export? File size of exports never above 2GB.(mainly goes to youtube)


      So, I know this is a wall of text and images, just trying to give all the information.
      If anyone has any input of the best setup, that would be great.

      I have on hand two Sandisk SSD Plus 120GB drives, with a slow write speed of around 180MB/s
      Those would be used in RAID0 should one of my Sandisk Ultra II go out.

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          For your current build, I would suggest:

          - buy another HD (much larger this time) and make a complete backup of all your files ASAP; drives can fail, and so can other components of a PC build (controllers, bios settings, power supply, motherboard, etc.)

          - do a RAID 0 of both 480GB SSDs and put all working files and swap/scratch/cache files on this RAID; I create a folder called "Adobe_cache" on my system just to keep this organized and simple; don't ever keep any Adobe files on c:\ (they are too difficult to keep track of for backups)

          - your 1TB HD can double as a spare if one of your 480GB drives fails and needs to be RMA'd and also be used for "off site" backups (for theft/fire having an off-site backup is always a good idea)

          - make sure you have a backup copies of ALL media files at ALL times (i.e. have a copy of all original media files on HD and SSD RAID or on two separate HDs)

          - make initial backup and keep refreshing file backups from your SSD RAID to a HD daily; I really like Beyond Compare software to make this easy (you can state files/folders to backup and files/folders to ignore)

          - upgrade your RAM ASAP; you noted that you are already planning this, but I'm sure you know AE loves RAM!


          Your studio looks awesome! I always wondered why anyone would by a screamin' red PC case, but with your chair and largely black setting, I think it's great.


          Regarding the naysayers against using SSDs in RAID 0 configurations, I think very few of them have actually built and owned what they are slamming. I've used SSDs in RAID 0 configurations for 6 years and more than a few builds now and I really appreciate the simplicity and speed that they provide. PCIe and M.2 drives are definitely the wave of the future, but for now multiple 2.5" SSDs in RAID 0 are still a pretty strong contender considering cost per GB and speed. I used to stress about how the Utilities could not access my SSDs when in a RAID 0 for maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. but after having used SSD RAID 0 arrays I can say that they just seem to be fast (when they are new, and when they've been in service for years).






          SSD RAID 1.6TB $782

          8x240GB Intel 730.png

          Intel 750 400GB PCIe drive $299

          1x400GB Intel 750.png

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            RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

            i was the same person that answered your other post. i will add my 2cents, but hopefully others will come along to give their advice as well.


            another drive setup option, if your motherboard allows, is to do 2 raids.

            (C:) Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD (OS and Programs)

            (D:) DVD Drive

            (D:) 2xSandisk SSD Plus 120GB as raid-0 (240gb total) (cache and previews)

            (E:) 2xSandisk Ultra II 480GB as raid-0 (960gb total) (Media and Projects)

            (F:) external usb case or dock to hold the WD Black 1 TB (backups and Storage)

            there should always be a backup of the project and media on any drive, but raid 0 can add more risk, so need to make sure these backups are done/available.

            any auto project save should be saved to another drive than the current projects are being saved to. that's part of the idea of auto-saves being an auto backup. its also been recommended to save the project as a copy, manually to another drive at least once a day, as auto-saves can fail or become corrupt (bugs).

            after effects disk cache setting should go to your cache drive, the one we have been calling cache & previews. disk cache should be used in dynamic link when you do the render and replace in premiere, after that if you need space you can empty the cache in AE to free up that space.

            the memory setting in premiere: i don't think it matters much, but i've seen people having to experiment with that when getting bad performance. seems like a few had to set it to memory and/or about half of what the system total was, for premiere to work right. you may not notice any difference when changing its settings.

            the Captured Video and Captured Audio locations i believe are only for new media captured/recorded directly in premiere. i don't think it applies to files like render and replace video or audio.

            exports depends, your cpu is only 4 core and depending on how much work the cpu has to do during export, the drive performance may not have any affect. if its exporting out fast, you can export to any drive other than the media/projects drive. if you are looking at windows task manager and seeing cpu at 50-75% and thinking its a drive slowing it down, chances are its just inefficiencies in adobe's software responsible for the low cpu usage.

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              monkeysaremyfriend Level 1

              Hello again..lol
              Great answers RoninEdits.
              I tried some of my projects last night and there was a significant

              increase in responsiveness.

              I may go with your recommendation of the drive setup you mentioned above. (and get a docking station).

              I have a external Seagate 4TB Backup Plus Desktop Drive as well.

              Thanks for the response JEShort01. I was reading alot about lifespans and such.

              Not worried about failures, back up often. Everytime I shut down for the day, they go to two externals.

              I just added another monitor as well (for Program Monitor), and built a vertical stand out of some spare wood I have.

              I have another monitor I will be placing above the Audio Workstation computer monitor.(for Mixer window).

              vertical stand.jpg




              When it was first complete..I have since then added the included additional single hard drive bay.
              I have many photos of the build that I have yet to get to editing(currently in RAW format).

              This is actually the first computer I have ever built from scratch. It no longer sits on the glass

              table, but in its home under the desk. I have it on those little plastic feet to raise it off the ground

              about an inch more, so there is a 2in. gap underneath it.