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    When I am moving pictures in lightroom the file moves but image in catalogue stays in old place.

    alberti.nl Level 1

      When I move a picture or a batch from the library  in lightroom to a new folder - by dragging them to another folder - , the file moves but the image in the catalogue stays in the old place  just as it was.

      When I move again, I get the feedback the files already exist (and finder shows they are now in the new place).

      So in the catalogue they have not moved.

      I have made grave errors this way. When I delete them from the catalogue in the original place, all Lightroom changes are lost. When I chose delete from file (thinking they are in two places) I later find out they were all gone from the disk.


      I found out I have to synchronize the new folder before they show up there.


      What do I do wrong here? When moving images they should be relocated in the new folder and should reappear in the new place in the catalogue.