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    Help: How to map corrupted photos into lightroom catalogs?


      Dear Lightroom Community Members,


      I am in a desperate need for help to restore roughly 300gb worth of pictures that I did not backup and got corrupted due to an external hard drive failure. All raw files I had in my external hard drive were corrupted and during the recovery process, they were named differently than what is in my current Lightroom catalog. i.e. FILECHK01, FILECHK02 etc. The raw files are also not in folder the way I had organized via LR5. I was able to find lot of my raw files that I lost, however, I do not know how best I can map the files back to the catalog that I have now.


      1. Has anyone had this problem where they had to recover files this way into Lightroom?

      2. Is there a way to map my existing catalog and photos to its original raw files that is now renamed completely different? Does LR5 recognize metadata even the files are not named the same as what was in the catalog? 


      Additional Background:

      I made a huge mistake by not backing up my photos timely so I did not have a recent backup of my raw files. One fine day when I was transferring photos, I lost power to my laptop while the drive was connected and the external hard drive after rebooting apparently got corrupted. I got a "CHKFILE" error and all my hard drive fragments were scrambled. Thus, lost lot of my data as they were corrupted but was able to recover quite a bit of my raw files using several recovery tools. The only problem is the recovery tool option I had was unable to restore my files back to the same naming convention and the folders that I had from before. Thus, I am unable


      Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance.

      Desparate Dude