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    Exporting Flash (.fla) file! - Media encoder doesn't work | Export fail!


      Hi there,


      just a few weeks ago I purchased the creative cloud programs and mainly Flash Pro.

      I use a Windows 8.1 PC.

      I had just finished my projekt and wanted to export it, by clicking file-->export-->export video. Now a new panel comes up and wants to know some specific questions, as usual.

      After clicking "export" it will now try to upload this file to the media encoder. And this is where the problem is: Flash then mentions, that the file could not be imported to the media encoder and at the same time the media encoder will say the same thing: "This file can not be imported" , or "This file can not be read".

      I do not understand why the media encoder should not be able to import a normal ".fla"-file and then turn it into a .mov, .mp4, or whatever else there is for Windows.

      I do not have and do not want to use the quick time player, which the video would be able to played whith. And I can not imagine that the media encoder does not allow Windows-compatible video-formats to be exportet. But, as I had mentioned before, it doesn't even let me go that far, because he doesn't import the file!!

      I have already tried to reinstall all the programs and all of them are also updated!

      Up until now I have not really found anyone with this problem after doing a lot of research online!


      Thanks very much!!