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    Unable to import CR2 RAW onto Mac Book PRO and LR CC


      I have been a iMac user for such a long time, so i recently went out and brough a new mac book pro.

      When i am trying to import/copy RAW files onto the Mac Book Pro it keeps failing, saying unable to read file.

      Some times it may even import a couple of files but rest fail.


      The CF cards were forrmatted in the camera as i was told to try that, however doesn't make a difference.


      Sometimes i even get a warning saying format can not be read. I have also signed up to Adobe CC and tried doing a copy and import in LR even that fails...


      I am a Canon 5D mark III user.


      Any ideas to why this is:


      I can go onto my iMac and this issues doesn't exist....


      Any help will be appreciated here.