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    hard or even impossible to use your program

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      my satisfaction with adobe products if any is not up to 2 out of 10 on a ten point scale ... like rate on a score of 1 to 10??  what can I do about this programs don't work for me ... I cannot get small samples like from my Disk-B like could be Study-Pics11 or any other folder I don't get rudimentary idea as to how it should work could not use Trial version too much is greyed out when I bought the product matters didn't get an iota better and I am frustrated please pass your profits on to the stockholders but please provide a trial period for those who have bought the product a chance to see this again in case the first time around I was completely unaware of what this could do could not imagine what it could do and could not at any time see what it could do ... please help with helpful link or links I am so frustrated by all programs adobe.  Additional comment previous attempts of telling adobe about my difficulty using a program or programs has been almost entirely unsatisfactory at my experience I have not learned enough so far to fill a thimble and I somehow feel more capable than this ... bottom line of what I intend to say ... adobe forums do not provide me any help

      Since adobe first sold adobe After Effects I was hoping for more including better color rendition but nothing I have found is in keeping with my writing down or remarking job well done ... many years later I am still hoping ... but oh my God you have had time to get something going in that regard by now ...

        I am frustrated to have so many blank panels when my panels are blank I cannot tell did adobe program lose the content?

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          OK, this is primarily a user to user forum, and only for Lightroom. So -  please be clear about this - nobody here much cares about your personal rating of Adobe.


          If you want help, tell us what the problem is: statements like " I cannot get small samples like from my Disk-B like could be Study-Pics11" are complete gibberish. Some meaningful punctuation, rather than this garbled "stream of consciousness" rant, would doubtless move things on considerably too.


          Read this: ASK- Forum Success Guide: Efficiently using the forums


          Now, Want to try again?

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            As with any piece of software you use you first need to understand how the program works. IE how to do certain things to make the program work for you. The only way to do that is either through reading a book and following along with the book or through online tutorials that explain what the program does and how to work with it or take a hands on Class at a local school.


            It seems you haven't done any of that for any of the Adobe product you have installed on your computer.


            Correct, No Forum system will provide you any help without first understanding the basics of how a particular software program functions.

            You think you install a program and you can Jump right in without any knowledge. That isn't the case as you have found out.


            So take the time to review the wealth of FREE online tutorials over at Adobe TV, Julianne Kost blog and tutorials and a host of other Free tutorial sites. Then maybe buying a book or 2 might be of great value to you.