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    CC 2015 Apps don`t start anymore

    cdertschei Level 1

      From time to time, my Adobe CC Apps simply don`t start up anymore... a soon a sone app starts refusing startup, the other apps don`t start too.
      (OSX, 10.10.5)


      The crazy thin is,most of the time I can`t even force quit them. Sometimes the try to start up, then after an eternity quit and restart again and again.

      Even if Apps are shown as non active, they show up in the force quit dialogue, but not in Activity monitor.


      Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-29 um 15.01.24.png

      cc 2014 works fine


      tried everything from executing maintainance scripts to fix access rights, the only thing that works for a short time is to startup with shift key pressed, start an app, restart in normal mode.

      Even tried a new blank user, works for some time, then stops again. (new user tipp came from adobe support, but chat is not available on weekends, so I try it here)


      Above all, especially After Effects cc 2015 seems extreme unstable


      Any Ideas?