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    lightroom wont open

    vanessab8949786 Level 1

      i downloaded lightroom and photoshop for the free 30 trial and lightroom will not open but photoshop and bridge works fine. i have updated my windows lastnight and uninstalled lightroom and reinstalled it and it still wont open.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          Please state the exact version number of Lightroom you are using; and the exact version number of Windows you are using.


          Won't open?


          What happens when you try? Describe in detail.


          If there is an error, please quote the  complete unedited word-for-word error message.

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            vanessab8949786 Level 1

            I downloaded the latest trial version of Lightroon but the computer I downloaded to was running on Windows 7 so I upgraded to the Windows 10 and then tried it and it still won't work. I also downloaded Photoshop and it works fine. When I click on it to open it pops up a window that tells me I have 29 days left in my free trial and the option to click on "continue with trial, buy or license this product" I click continue with free trial and the window closes and nothing happens.


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