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    RH7 TCS - RoboHelp HTML crashes


      I've upgraded from RH6 to RH7 w/ the Tech Comm Suite. RoboHelp HTML crashes frequently, sometimes even while saving.

      Does anyone have any suggestions that might solve this problem? Might help if I can eliminate some possible causes...

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Does the crash always happen on the same project or different projects? Is your source on a local drive (good) or a network drive (bad)? Have you applied the 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 patches?
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            FMnRH Level 1
            Hi Colum,

            Everthing's local - all source files, image files. Nothing is on the network; all on the laptop. Yes, I have applied both patches -- RH7 shows my current version is 7.02.001.

            Just FYI: I am not using Frame at all in these projects. Pure RoboHelp HTML. (I'd like to transition to using the full "powers" of the TCS without losing some of the DHTML features, and image map features I use in RH. But I digress...that's another thread.)

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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              So it's always on the same project or projects? What about the sample projects? Do these crash also? You could try closing the project, renaming the project's .cpd file and reopening the project. Maybe this will solve the crashes.
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                Please see my post "BSoD..."...all my files are local, too, BSs on any project regardless of size or source. I'm an advanced user and this one's got me stumped.
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                  I had this problem as well sometime after I upgraded to 7.0.3; crashes after about 8-10 minutes after I open a project; for no apparent reason.  Wasn't even typing or generating anything; just opened the project.


                  Tried to fix by remove and reinstall from the CD back to 7.0 (make sure you deactivate the serial number before you uninstall) and it still was crashing so thought it might be a Windows Patch.


                  Seemed to have fixed the problem when I installed without any of RoboHelp Source control clients or server.   no more crashing..  Maybe an adobe tech can respond to this and provide any information on background operations that happen about 8-10 minutes into opening a project like auto-saving something to the Robohelp Source Control product.


                  One recommendation; use a real source control product like VSS/TFS or Subversion if you are concerned about versioning.