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    How to use "Change to color" to change blue to red?


      Hi all, I have some experience with after effects, but I have encountered an EXTREMELY annoying obstacle.


      I was given a video (animation) of a blue logo fading into a black backdrop (beginning image is a black backdrop, end image is a blue logo on a black backdrop). I need to change the color of the blue logo to PURE BLUE. Currently, it's about (26,25,255 blue). I tried using change to color to change it to (0,0,255 blue or #0000ff). however, when I use the eyedropper to identify the color after the color change, it's actually (24,24,255 blue).


      The goal is to have an animation that uses ONLY blue light when portrayed from a projector, so I want to take out all red and green color in the video.


      Is there an alternative approach that takes out all red and green color, guaranteeing the blue logo that appears is composed of pure blue?


      Help is much appreciated. Thank you,



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sure. Use any number of color correction effects such as Tint, Tritone, Levels, Color Balance, Curves, Hue/ Saturation and what have you.



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            austinc75811140 Level 1

            Hey Mylenium,


            Thanks, I meant to respond to my own request to let everyone know that I figured out how to get around it.


            I used CC Threshold RGB, setting a high threshold to Red and Green to get a pure blue (00,00,255 or #0000FF) logo.
            I then applied "vignette lighting" and turned the "Gamma" to 0 to fight the pixelated effect of the threshold effect.


            When someone originally made this animation, they used vignette lighting and must not have realized that the vignette effect introduced Red and Green color via Gamma changes. This is why I think there were small traces of red and green on the border--the fading blue to black gradient.


            Thanks again