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    I purchased Sony A7Rii and found that LR5 did not support their raw files.  So I just purchased LR6, and LR6 cannot read the SONY RAW files.


      LR6 should support the RAW files for the Sony A7Rii (.ARW files).  Correct?


      My initial LR6 download from Adobe did not support the Sony A7Rii (.ARW files).

      Over an hour+ later, I was able to get an update of the software...and LR6 can now read my .ARW files.

      How I've spend the past 3.5 hours: 1.5 hours dealing with installation issues (LR6 would not accept my LR5 serial #), and then 2 hours LR6 not being able to read the .ARW files. 

      This may be the most inefficient download I've ever had...  Adobe, what's going on?  I love your stuff, but this was incredibly frustrating.