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    How can I have multiple authorizations on one computer?


      I have a couple books from different vendors that require different authorizations and different logins.  I can't remember which vendor/login goes with which book.  How can I have multiple authorizations on one computer?  When you pull up the authorization information it tells you the computer is already authorized and states:


      "This computer can read Adobe DRM protected content authorized to the following account(s):"




      " indicates the default account"


      So there must be a way to have more than one account at a time otherwise there would be no need for the (s) or the default account designation.  Can someone help me figure this out?  Thanks so much!!

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          Nanaky Level 5

          This not possilbe with one User on you Device (windows or macintosh). If you need a secound Adobe ID on you device the only way is to used a secound account on your device, start digital edition and authoirze with the other Adobe ID. No other way exst at moment.

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            naiveblueeyes Level 1

            I'm sorry, maybe I didn't make myself clear.  I have a book with the vendor HarperCollins.  That has one login ID (me @gmail.com with a password).  Then I have several other books that only require me to have my computer authorized with an Adobe ID (me @yahoo.com) with another password). 


            How can I have both ID's authorized at the same time? I know it can be done because it was done on this computer before but I had to erase the authorizations to add another book from a second vendor and now it won't let me add the ID's back on.

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              Nanaky Level 5

              You need only the Adobe ID. When you digital Edition authorize are with you adobe ID and open a eBook (wherever bought) its was linked with the adobe ID. The Adobe ID of the creator of the eBook in this point not important.

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                naiveblueeyes Level 1

                Ok, I figured it out. I had ADE authorized with my original Adobe ID (yahoo email) which is where the majority of the books are. BUT when I tried to open a book that was purchased with my gmail ID it told me "Authorization Needed: This computer needs to be authorized with a Vendor ID to open Wyoming Strong.  To start the authorization process with a Vendor ID, click on the Continue button."


                When I clicked Continue it said: "This computer is not authorized to open Wyoming Strong because this item is authorized to a Vendor ID. To authorize your computer to open this item, enter your login ID and password associated with this item and click on the Authorize button."


                It listed the ebook Vendor as HarperCollins and had a place for my login and password. When I entered those and clicked continue it said "the computer has been successfully authorized and is now ready to read Adobe DRM protected items."


                When I clicked on Authorization Information it now lists both ID's and has a checkmark by the default account and at the bottom gives me the option to Change Default ID.  When I click it, it has a radial button for each of the 2 ID's so I can toggle between them whenever I need too.


                So I wanted to test a theory.  If I erased the authorization for both ID’s would I be able to reauthorize both?  The answer is yes.  To do so follow these steps:


                First, authorize the computer for any Adobe DRM protected items.  This is very important!  If you authorize with your Adobe ID first you will NOT be able to enter a vendor ID unless you first erase the authorization for the Adobe ID.


                Once, you have authorized ALL Adobe DRM protected items ONLY then enter the authorization for your Adobe ID.  That’s what I did and I now have both ID’s and it allows me to switch the default account WITHOUT having to re-enter a password.


                Thanks Nanaky for helping me to work through this!  I hope this information helps someone else if they run into this problem.