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    CC fails to start core sync


      I just keep getting problem after problem with the creative cloud app, so i installed a fresh Mac app system and again straight away problems. This time i get the message  " Failed to start Coresync   - could not create /library/application support/adobe/coresync . i cannot sign in i just want to get my Lightroom and photoshop working and have downloaded all files from adobe etc, i have uninstalled the CC using the correct way and installing again- but yet again problems. Can anybody help with this software .

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          Dear shylock...


          I seem to have the same problem. "Failed to start core sync" - for the eleventh time today...

          I first (24 hours ago) tried to download the trial version - but that error occurred several times then. When after 12 hours iI was just fed up with trying to access the trial versin, I logged in and purchased the full version and I HAVE NOW PAYED ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE. Still no success. "Failed to start core sync".


          If someone from Adobe support does not help me within short, I going to claim refund of my money paid. Is Adobe that ****** company THAT THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY - "well if your not satisfied, then leave us if you want to"...


          B. Norhager

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            jackief99608397 Level 1

            I have had the same problem for months and Adobe Support will not help. I've called and emailed many times and they won't respond. Terrible customer service. Wish I could help you with this issue. Ever since Adobe launched this CC monthly pay package there has been no support and the quality of their software has diminished.

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              jackief99608397 Level 1

              This is the fix...just did it and it works:


              Please follow below steps :


              1) Right click on Finder icon and  select "Go-To" Folder option.
              2) You will get a text box, type-in below command and then hit 'Return' key.( Do not miss ~ symbol)


              3)Then navigate to Application Support>Adobe


              Right click on Adobe folder and select "GetInfo" option.

              Expand the Sharing & Permissions section.

              Click the lock icon in the lower-right corner. Enter your administrator user name and password when prompted, and then click OK.

              Please click on '+' symbol , it will open list of user accounts. Add Currently logged in user name and Administrator option,

              Then provide "Read & Write" permission to Currently logged in user name and Administrator option,.

              Click the Gear icon, and select Apply to Enclosed Item. Close the Get Info dialog box.


              Then try to install Creative Cloud app , you should be able to install ,

              Still face any issue?? feel free to post

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                CanalogSE Level 1

                Dear Jackie

                The problem was solved about a week ago thanks to the local Mac retail store here in my town Ostersund Sweden.

                Thanks for forwarding your problem solution to me, and I hope that someone else may be helped therewith.



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                  OMG Thank you very much, now working

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                    Thank you so much! I have been struggling with adobe permissions on my mac for over two years, and this not only got CC to download but also fixed my issues with flash.

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                      Thank you for posting this so long ago. I spent an hour with the Adobe support team this afternoon because I couldn't sign in to the Creative Cloud app. Once that was sorted, I thought my problems had finished but no I had the problem with the core sync to sort. You've saved me hours of time, for which I'm very grateful. I'm surprised Adobe hasn't fixed the problem, though.