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    Ive just updated LR6 to 6.3 (not CC) & it will not recognise my SD card to import photos - help

    fox house

      After updating from LR6 to 6.1-6.2 & having problems I took the advice of going back & things working & back to normal. Now Ive updated to LR6.3, where all the bugs etc have supposedly been eradicated, I cannot import photo as it doesn't recognise my SD card. What's happening, why are Adobe messing about with a good system, ok put a new picture on the front, & add new bits e.g., in develop but leave all the other stuff alone please. I don't want to go onto the Cloud, I prefer my standalone version & seeing as Im paying for it too, would like all the new bells & whistles that they're putting onto CC, its not fair. Ggggrrrrrrr!  Please help!