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    Premiere 11: Blockade von Sprachkommentaren


      Beim Eingeben von Sprachkommentaren zu meinem blockierte der weitere Ablauf plötzlich. Beim nächsten Eingabeversuch kam eine Meldung "Keine Aufnahme möglich, da eine Spur im Schnittfenster gesperrt ist".

      Ich weiß nicht, wie Spuren gesperrt werden und habe dies auch nicht beabsichtigt.


      Wie kann ich aber die Blockade lösen, damit ich den Film weiter bearbeiten kann. Im Moment geht in der Spur "Sprachkommentare" nichts mehr.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Are you saying that you are using Premiere Elements 11? On what computer operating system?


          Are you creating narration for the Narration Track, using the project's Tools Menu/Narration Tool? Or, are you importing .wav files created in another program?

          Please explain. I have not run into the mesage that you are reporting. I am not sure if there is a problem with the translation.


          Also, if you are trying to use the Narration Tool, check Edit Menu/Preferences/Audio Hardware ASIO to make sure that your microphone is enabled in Input.


          Please consider and give more details. Any questions or need clarification about the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            felge Level 1

            Thank you for your replay. I will try to answer in English:

            Yes I am using Premiere Elements 11. My computer is a Toshiba Laptop with i7-processor and SSD.

            I am presently processing a video. All clips are already fine. Now I am adding voice comments via microphone. There are already more than 50 comments addet to the video without problems as I did in previous videos without problems as well.

            Then suddenly a problem came up:  When i tried to enter the next voice comment, a message  showed up " recording not possible, because a line in the cutting window is blocked"

            I do not know how to block a line and I didn´t intend to do that. Maybe I hit by mistake a button on my keyboard creating a shortcut unknown to me.

            Anyway, at present the line for voice comments is totally blocked. I cannot add further voice comments and it is not possible to skip or move existing voice comments. So I cannot proceed with my video prcessing

            How can I release this blocking? There is no advice  in the instructions available to me. The headline-menue of "Elements 11" gives no access to anything dealing with blocking of lines.

            Switching off and on of the program didn´t solve the problem as well..

            Thank you for your Information        Felge

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thank you for the details.


              I have never heard of a limit on the number of narration clips that could be created with the Narration Tool in one project. I will try that now and report back with my results.


              You say that opening and closing the project does not have any affect on this problem. But, for troubleshooting purposes, what if you create a new project, can you create narration clips for that project with the Narration Tool? We want to determine if you are in a damaged project or if the whole program has failed.


              In the problem project, what workspace are you in....the Expert workspace or the Quick workspace? Whichever one you are in, please go to the other to determine if you can move forward in it doing the narration clips.


              To be continued.




              Add On...what is the average duration of one of your 50 narration clips?

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                felge Level 1

                Thank you for the prompt reaction. My answer to your questions:


                -   Repeated closing and opening of the Problem Project didn´t solve the Problem. Creating a new test Project had no Problems with adding narrativ Clips. It worked as good as with the approx. 30 other Projects before.

                -   The Project was performed in Expert mode. Changing to Quick Workspace didn´t solve the Problem. Handling of narrative Clips was not possible as well.

                -   Narrative Clips are never longer than 10 seconds.


                Some informtion to my Project as such:

                It is the travel Report from a wonderful 3-weeks-vacation to California and Hawaii. Therefore it has a huge size: about 160 minutes or 38 GB in full HD. I have to reduce that to about 120 minutes in the final Version.

                I have looked into it:  There are more than 100 narrative Clips up to now and about 30 Clips further have to come.


                It would be very hard for me to give up the Project because of the lot of work I have spend in it so far and I hope that it can be avoided to skip the project.

                Is here any Limitation in Premiere Elements 11 with respect to space for Clips?


                What mistake I have done is completely unknown to me. Therefore I do not know how to avoid he same mistake in further Projects.


                Thanks and best regards     Felge

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the update.


                  My first impression is that the size of the project has caught up with you and the Narration Track performance, which is a vulnerable area, and this is being reflected in that. Physically you can add about 23 to 25 hours of content to the Premiere Elements Timeline after which it will accept no more. For the purposes of your question, I created 80 narrations with the Narration Tool (each narration about 10 seconds) and had no problems.


                  With the problem project, you said that Expert to Quick workspace did not make a difference.....in the Quick, were you able to delete narration that you could not in Expert? Or, as you wrote, it did not make a difference.


                  If we cannot pin point a key to solve the problem, please let me know if the following is feasible (better than starting a new project)....

                  1. Create narration clips (as .wav) with computer's Sound Record or the free audio editor named Audacity Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder

                  2. Import those narration clips into Premiere Elements project Expert workspace (Add Media/Files and Folders/Project Assets).

                  3. From Project Assets, determine if the Narration Track will accept them. If not, drag them to a numbered audio track.


                  What is the destination for this Timeline - export to file saved to the computer hard drive or burn to disc?


                  Please consider.


                  Thank you.



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                    felge Level 1

                    Thanks for your replay. Here my answer to your comments:


                    -   Fine that Premiere Elements allows 23 to 25 hours of Content. So that shouldn´t be the reason for my Problem. 80 x 10 = 800 seconds voice data is more than I have added as well.

                    -   Yes,in the Quick Workspace nothing is possible: no adding, deleting, correction of lenght or moving of clips

                    -   The final Destination of all my Videos is a big Multi Media Player, consisting of also Photo snaps and own Musik, connected to my TV-Screen and home Entertainment System.


                    Your proposal, to create narrativ Clips outside Premiere Elements, may be a solution to save my Project and the approx. 30 working hours spent for it so far. I will see, whether I am able to manage that new proramm.


                    I tried also, to erase the existing and not working narration track completely and to start all Narration Clips from the beginning on another Audio track. That would allow to continue the use of the program´s own voice Input and the Audio mixer. I am not shure whether the Audio mixer fits to other Audio tracks. But I couldn´t find a way to do that.  Is there a possibility to turn off the complete Narration track?


                    Thanks and best regards     Felge

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      The Audio Mixer has panels for adjusting audio on numbered Audio Tracks as well as Soundtrack and Narration Track.

                      When you use Tools Menu/Narration Tool/ , as far as I have ever found, the Narration goes to the Narration Track at the position of the Timeline Indicator.

                      If you have the Timeline Indicator at the beginning of an existing Timeline narration clip and create a new narration with the Tools Menu/Narration Tool, the new narration should overwrite the existing Timeline narration clip.


                      You can disable a clip by right clicking it and removing the check mark next to Enable in the pop up menu.


                      I am hoping that creating the narration clips outside of Premiere Elements and then importing those clips into the Premiere Elements project will allow you to add narration to this project which is no longer accepting narration from its Narration Tool. But, I wonder if all this reflects on problems yet to come beyond the Edit area?


                      We will continue to watch for your progress as your time permits.


                      Best wishes



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                        felge Level 1

                        Thank you for your message.

                        It seems that I am now in a Position to summarize how to continue with the Project:


                        1.   All existing narrativ Clips are not working. I have to re-introduce them from the laptop- Memory to the Project to another Audio track.

                        2.   Same is the case for the Soundtrack, where  some Background Music has been includet.

                        3.   Audicity has been installed, voice by microphone recorded and in the laptop-file stored. A later Transition to my Project (Audio track 2) works fine. Sound quality is not as good as with premiere Elements, but it will be possible to include the remaining and      missing narrative clips.

                        4.   Meanwhile I understand: the Audio mixer operates with narrativ Clips on Audio track 2 as well.


                        I will try to finish the Project by the way as described above. This will take some time, maybe til beginning of 2016. When the Project is finished, I will Report to you about the results.


                        I thank you again for your Support. When the Problem occurs, I had absolutely no idea what to do. With your Inputs, the Situation becomes more clear. So it was a big help for me.


                        Best regards      Felge


                        PS:   When this Project is finished I intend to upgrade my Laptop from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Is there any Problem to be expected or any specific precaution to take with respect to Premiere Elements 11??

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                          felge Level 1


                          I tried to contact   https://forums.adobe.com/message/8236192#8236192 ,  

                          but there was no Input  available. Nothing was shown. So I couldn´t mark  a "correct"-button.

                          Sorry    Felge