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    After effect composition not recognised in after effects!

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      Something quite weird: After effects doesn't recognise its own composition.

      I was in Premiere and I have resorted twice to after effects:

      1. first time for a flashback scene, I replaced the media with after effects composition (added a few effects to make it look like flashback memory stuff); so it is in Premiere as an after effects composition

      2. at the end I created a nested sequence that has the full film in Premiere, so it shows as one clip only (that includes that earlier flashback composition from After effects), and replaced the full nested sequence (full film) with an After Effects composition because I needed some effects on the whole.

      RESULT: Weird TV style stripes of media not recognised only for the first after effects composition of flashback scene:

      AE problem.PNG


      Any idea what I should tell after effects to give him comfort that it is his own composition?! What is going on?

      Thank you