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    Broken External Edit Workflow

    Brett J Deriso

      I work exclusively with NEFs in Lightroom -have since version 1.


      Used to be, I'd select a RAW file, apply some LR adjustments, then right-click and choose "Edit in [External Application]" (which these days, I have set to Photoshop CC 2015).  Upon selecting "Edit a copy with LR Adjustments", LR would render a 16-bit Pro Photo RGB TIFF and stack it with my original NEF (per the preferences I configured) and THEN open that TIFF in the external editing app.  No matter what I did from there, I was working on the TIFF copy, as evidenced by the "edit" suffix and TIFF file extension in the title bar of the open image window in PShop.  If I closed the image in Photoshop -saved or not- I would return to LR and see the TIFF right where I expected to find it, stacked with my original NEF.


      This is no longer happening.


      Now, when I select "Edit in Photoshop CC 2015", and choose "edit a copy with LR Adjustments", Photoshop launches, and Adobe Camera RAW interprets the NEF, opening it as a NEF, with the original filename (no suffix, and no TIFF extension).  Whether I edit the image or not while in Photoshop, upon closure, I'm prompted to save the file.  Needless to say, upon returning to LR, there is no TIFF copy stacked with the NEF in the catalog.  I then have to do an import, look for the TIFF I just saved, manually add it to the library, and manually stack it with the original NEF.


      It seems obvious to me that LR isn't doing any of the RAW interpretation, copy creation, or stacking it was designed to (and used to do flawlessly).  Rather, an "Edit in Photoshop CC 2015" command seems to hand the entire RAW interpretation task over to Photoshop, and cuts LR completely out of the loop.  This happens whether the NEF files are stored locally or on an external volume.  It's extremely frustrating, and I've exhausted my patience trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong.


      Any ideas?

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          Brett J Deriso Level 1

          Sorry, forgot:


          Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11.1)

          Lightroom CC 2015 (2015.3 release, Camera RAW 9.3)

          Photoshop CC 2015

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            When we find out who at Adobe made this decision, he or she needs to be taken apart with a dull chainsaw

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              Brett J Deriso Level 1

              So I'm not imagining things?  This is the current behavior in LR CC2015?  I'm wondering if I shouldn't just roll back to my last standalone copy of LR until Adobe get their collective heads out of their turdcutters.  This is a major deal breaker for me.

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The behavior you are seeing is correct from my point of view. I just think you are not quite familiar with the Lightroom/Photoshop workflow when both programs are up to date.

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                  Brett J Deriso Level 1

                  So an application which maintains a library of images (as well as their virtual copies), along with all of their non-destructive edits, now exports images to external editors and completely loses track of them until they are manually added back in?  That's the "correct" workflow for LR and Photoshop now??  With all due respect Jim, that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  If that's the case, why is there still an option to stack externally edited images with their LR library originals in the LR preferences if -as you say- the software isn't supposed to actually do that?  If stack-on-export capability was intentionally removed from the application, I should think they'd take it out of the preferences.


                  Truth be told, I think this started when they introduced "Smart Previews", because someone in Adobeville couldn't figure out how to process the stacked export (or any edits made thereto) in situ.  I still think it's a glitch, but if it was intentional, it was a bonehead move, sloppily implemented.

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                    Hayhill Level 2

                    Just to ask, are you sure you are doing a "Save" and not a Save As" in PS when you close the edited photo? That would explain what you are seeing.

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                      I have been trying to resolve this issue since LRCC and PS CC 2015 were released.  I have left a similar question on other posts all of which remain unresolved (even after the suggestions by qualified staff).  I wasn't born yesterday and I have been working with both programs since their initial iterations.  Not now - my workflow has been significantly disrupted and I am getting pissed.  I am dismayed that this has not been addressed properly by the developers. Why?