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    Lightroom adds subfolders


      Please help

      When I import photos to Lightroom CC, it adds a new subfolder in my directory tree. Example:

      My Photos


           Nov 2015 Pix

              2015 (this is added every time I import, even though it's not on my hard drive. I remove it after moving my photos back to Nov 2015 Pix, and it adds it again during import)


      What can I  do to stop this?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just pay attention to the import options that you choose. I usually choose, "Into one folder" and then I choose "Into subfolder". I choose the main folder in the folder list and then type the name of the subfolder that I want. It's all controlled in your import options, but it's up to you to set them.

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            sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

            Hi Loyce,


            Are you importing from a camera card or from an existing folder on your system?

            May I also know Operating system type you are working on (Mac or Windows)?




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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              All of this is User Select-able. Please Review the options you have selected in the import dialog window when importing images.

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                Loyce1023 Level 1

                Thank you so much, Jim Hess. You totally solved my problem.

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                  I have kind of the same issue using LR6.


                  I don't want Lightroom to import by date into any subfolders.

                  So every time I import from an SD-card I have to set this to "Into one folder".

                  Next time I import, it's set back to "By date".

                  Is there a way to permanently save this setting, so that I don't have to change it every single import?


                  Using the PC-version on Windows 7.


                  Thanks in advance for your help.

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                    Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                    Create an import preset. Bottom of the import screen, Import Preset. Set everthing as you want it then click the downward facing triangle where it says None and select "Save Current Settings as New Preset". Give it name and click Save.

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                      ICS-INTL-Agency Level 1

                      Hi and thanks for your reply.

                      Problem is, that I most of the time use the "Import to this folder" function in the library.

                      If I create a preset as you suggested, LR will always use the same folder that I used for the preset.


                      In LR 4.x I never had that problem. So the problem is new for me, since using LR 6.

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                        Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                        The Destination can always be changed whether or not you use a Preset to start with. Just because you have a Preset selected doesn't mean you can't change anything in the import dialog window.


                        Yes that is how LR now works (Don't remember if it was different before). Once you set a destination and have the option selected "Into One Folder" that folder you selected becomes the Default Destination. But you can always change it or any other setting in the import dialog window before you click Import.

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                          ICS-INTL-Agency Level 1



                          the thing is, I don't want to change anything during the import.

                          LR 4 remembers my choice ("into one folder" or "by date") and uses this as default for importing until i change my mind.

                          LR 6 doesn't do that anymore.


                          So I guess, I either have to click "into one folder" every time from now on or make a preset and change the foldername everytime.



                          Thank you anyway.

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                            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                            It does on my systems. But then I don't, or haven't lately, been changing the Into One Folder. Everything I have shot in the last 4 months all goes into one folder, a Projects folder.

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                              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                              Any Destination that uses a preset with a '/' in the format will make subfolders! (see Red box highlight below)

                              If sub-folders created by Lr are a problem, only use one of the four options at the bottom of the Date format option menu. (eg 20160202) Do not tick {Into sub-folder}, choose/select the Folder where you want the Date folder to appear-




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                                ICS-INTL-Agency Level 1



                                thanks for your replies.


                                I want it to be THAT state by DEFAULT:




                                Unfortunetly I can't set that in the presets, because the folder to import into is another one each new import.

                                In LR 4.x I simply choose "Import to this Folder..." (right-click in the library module) and in the opening import dialogue the settings have been always as preferred ("Into one folder")

                                Adobe changed that in LR 6.


                                So any ideas how to bring that back as DEFAULT?


                                Thanks in advance.

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                                  WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                                  When I (right-click in the library module) to import to a selected pre-existing folder- (CC2015.4)

                                  I see the screenclip in your post above!  (ie. import into the chosen folder)

                                  I don't think a preset is needed.

                                  What is different in your system?


                                  If you want to create a totally 'new' folder for the import then you can create a preset that becomes the 'default' once it has been used-  Not by the Right-click method!

                                  [Import] > Select images > Enter new subfolder name > [Import]


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                                    ICS-INTL-Agency Level 1

                                    I right-click the folder I want to import to (see highlighted entry in context menu).




                                    In the import dialogue after clicking "Import to this folder" I get this:



                                    What I WANT, is THIS:



                                    Lightroom 4.x did this by default. In Lightroom 6 it doesn't work this way.

                                    So every time I have to choose "Into one folder" manually.


                                    Hope this explains my problem

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                                      WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                                      I see your problem now, but cannot explain why.!

                                      In my system (CC2015.4 WIndows-10) - when I set "Organize: Into one folder" and do an import, that becomes my default for "Import to this folder", as you want it to- even if I close and reopen Lightroom.

                                      Is it possible your preferences file is not retaining the changes- have you tried the common advice- rename or delete the Preferences file?