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    Viewing-listening to embedded content

      to adobereader-an.
      I have a mobile (LG) running Jellybean 4.01 on my 3 year old smartphone. I was able to install a keyboard-learning program from a purchased CD (Pianoforall from the UK), but am unable to  activate the audio-video embedded in the GUI. It works well on my Win10 touchscreen laptop however,both text and imbeds.
      What am I lacking to use the av on my phone? Do I need Flashplayer or some other helper program to make it all work?
      Is my version of Jellybean too old to play the audiovisual component? It has never been upgraded since I got the phone 2-plus years ago, and I don't believe I can opt to get a newer Android platform version  on this phone.
      Thanks for any help.