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    I too am having problems with Lightroom 6.  I just upgraded to the Canon 5DSr, and tried to upload images into my catalogue and the computer basically froze up, and finally found the flash card drive, but stated that there were no images?  Also, the compu


      I am having problems with Lightroom 6 and uploading raw images using a flash card with the Canon 5DSr?.  I tried uploading images into my catalogue, but Lightroom could not find the path of the flash card, it runs VERY slow, almost freezes, and now has changed the download path of no longer uses the old one.  This is very frustrating.  I therefore downloaded the latest version of Lightroom, 6.3, and now is even  slower.  What needs to be done to upload the CR.2 files into my catalogue, correct the download path, and resume normal work flow in the process?  I own the stand alone version of Lightroom and CS5.5.  Do I uninstall the new version and go back to Lightroom 6 (my old version, however, did not recognize the 5DSr either, however).  HELP.